Families & Groups of Friends

There's no better bonding experience than having an action packed adventure holiday in beautiful surroundings! Bring your family and friends and breathe in fresh air... Soak up the sounds of nature and enjoy the views of our spectacular indigenous forest. Choose from one of our programmes or let us tailor-make one to suit your needs! No TV to distract you and sporadic cell phone reception takes you almost “off the grid”. Take this opportunity to get the conversation going around the dinner table, prepare a meal together, play some games and discover some new things about each other… Ingwe is about having fun, laughing, sharing and experiencing a memorable time together.

Sports & Adventure

Part of a sports team or just a group of friends who like to be outdoors doing stuff to keep you fit? Hiking, mountain biking, trail running, fitness training camps, nutrition workshops, orienteering…are just a few suggestions to choose from for us to put a package together for you. Venture a little further into our surrounding area and the list is long to fill an action packed sporting adventure getaway. Pick from our BIG FIVE or let us custom-design your adventure for you!